Welcome, foolish mortals, to…

Wait. Not exactly the Haunted Mansion.

And I’m not exactly Vincent Price, either.

Apart from the fact, you know, like any normal person, I like good food, good wine and lounging in opulent velveteen robes before crackling castle fireplaces whilst telling spooky stories of varying quality in an overdramatic fashion.

In reality, I’m just someone who likes obscure and spooky movies. Books. Games. Art. Everything mildly gothic, entertaining and weird. A pixel witch with two media degrees and too much time on her hands, stuck in her cabin with lots of vintage, semi-vintage as well as new pieces of enterainment to review.

So abandon all hope of coherent writing, ye who enter here, and have a sip from my Cauldron of Dark Pixels.

You may never want to leave.

(cue thunder cracking and maniacal laughter)

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