Introduction: Could be raining!

This blog is a means to pass the time. For me, who is currently self-isolating and trying to work from home, occupying myself with books and movies and games – harking back to a coping mechanism from my youth to overcome the isolation that comes with living in the middle of nowhere. Also being a female ginger animation nerd with a a life-long disability as well as a weakness for Victorian Goth fashion, I was THE textbook village weird girl.

And while that may sound horrifying to some – for me, this way of living is, most of the time, bearable, and at times, quite pleasant as well. Growing up on a farm surrounded by nature has taught me to keep my mind busy. That sort of bleakness may be dull when growing up, but it sure does do one thing:

It massively fuels your creativity.

And it has made me want to create a place I could throw all those things into and make something cool from them. What is emerging from my need for distraction and my boredom is this – a brew of media I don’t get to talk about nearly as often as I’d like. Being into spooky stuff doesn’t exactly make great conversation material for school breaks, college parties or – beware! – office lunches, either, at least if your’re into keeping up appearances at all costs. Spoiler: the keeping up didn’t work.

So I’m back to talking about my interests again, screaming into the void as there is little else to do for me these days.

Today, by the wonders of the internet, our last remaining gateway to social interaction, I can now share my love of dark, occult, obscure and gothic media – which you can read while basking in the glow of a (probably virtual) fireplace, winding down from Zoom meetings with colleagues and from explaining to your grandma how to use Skype for the umpteenth time.

Get cozy, grab yourself a drink and your favourite blanket, and stay for as long as you wish to. Warm your soul and revel in the blissful shudder of the spooky, of the gothic, wayward and – sometimes – slightly macabre. A potpourri of all sorts of media. Some old, some new, some well-known, some obscure. All there to pass the long evenings that lie before us.

Count Krolock from The Fearless Vampire Killers knows all about self-isolating, it seems. Then again, he probably has no need for pasta, flour and toilet paper, either

Welcome to my personal little carnival of the nerdy, the bookish, the sometimes witchy and probably very often obscure.And always remember:

“Could be worse!”


“Could be raining!”

Igor (Marty Feldman), Young Frankenstein (1974)

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